Policing & Safety

Policing & Safety

Covent Garden is generally a very safe place.  Our residents feel secure walking our streets at night in a way that people might not elsewhere, and break-ins are relatively rare.  But a lot of criminal activity does take place here that, while it rarely harms local people, can make life unpleasant.

If you see a crime taking place, please dial 999 immediately.  If you know about a crime but it is not actually taking place, please dial 101 – which is also the Metropolitan Police switchboard.  It is important that we report all crimes so that the police can task their officers where it counts, and so that CGCA can bring the right priorities to their attention.  It is also essential to ask for a CAD number when you call.  This ‘Computer Aided Despatch’ number, with the date that is part of it, uniquely identifies the incident – and without it follow-up can be difficult.

CGCA works closely with local police from both Camden and Westminster and with other agencies to try to minimise issues such as street drug dealing and high-level antisocial behaviour.  Recent increases in crime have come from foreign gangs who ship thieves over for a few months at a time, accommodate them in Dickensian conditions in outer London, and bring them into the West End for prostitution or to pickpocket and snatch mobile phones in the street.

We work with both Westminster and Camden Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) to highlight problems and to encourage cross-border liaison on issues that affect our area. The SNTs are dedicated to the needs of a specific neighbourhood, with the policing priorities for that area decided in partnership with local stakeholders – the public, crime and disorder reduction partnerships, local authorities and other local organisations. The CGCA represents our community at quarterly meetings which address issues  of specifically local concern – for example, drug-dealing, anti-social behaviour, pickpocketing and bag and mobile phone snatching.  Find out more at these links:

Camden (Holborn & Covent Garden) Safer Neighbourhoods Team

Westminster (Covent Garden) Safer Neighbourhoods Team

As part of the policing pledge the SNTs will respond to every message within 4 days. Please note that they are not a 24-hour response team.


Call: 020 ~ 7836 5555
Email: info@coventgarden.org.uk
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