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For fifty years The Covent Garden Community Association (CGCA) has been the representative voice of the residents, business community and working population of Covent Garden, actively protecting and promoting their interests.

Covent Garden Market

Our Neighbourhood

More than 6000 people live in Covent Garden, including many families.

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Historical Picture of Covent Garden

CGCA History

The area’s name comes from the ‘convent garden’ cultivated here in the Middle Ages by the monks of the Abbey of Westminster, who sold their surplus crops on the site...

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Covent Garden

Local Environment

The CGCA works to promote and protect a safe and attractive local environment for residents, businesses and visitors…

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Please see our Current issues page for the up-to-date information on what’s going on, and our News page for CGCA’s planned activity and other community support.


The CGCA plays a strategic role in the future of the Covent Garden neighbourhood.  We do this by working with the authorities and local people to tackle issues in areas such as servicing, the environment, housing, traffic management & transport, street lighting & public realm, policing & safety.  We spend a large proportion of our efforts making considered responses to planning and licensing applications, and ensuring that the community gets heard.

The CGCA aims to be a neighbour – a neighbour with specialised knowledge and skill gained from decades of experience.

This experience spans successful negotiations and work with local authorities, central government, major developers, businesses and other ‘powers that be’.


The CGCA receives no revenue funding and relies on the generosity of its stalwart volunteers and supporters to continue its work.  If you live or work in Covent Garden, or if you are a visitor who loves this very special part of Central London, please support our work by becoming a member of the CGCA or by volunteering. Donations, be they modest or munificent, are also very welcome.

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And if you live, work or study in Covent Garden, click I LOVE COVENT GARDEN to find out about a generous discount scheme offered by local businesses.



Call: 020 ~ 7836 5555
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