Noise Nuisance

Noise Nuisance

We live in the centre of our capital city and are used to the constant hum of traffic, the wail of sirens, the press of thousands of visitors, the distant roar of underground trains running beneath us – but there are limits.

Whether it’s from building works, relentless burglar alarms, early hours deliveries, rowdy and anti-social behaviour in the streets at night or faulty air-conditioning plants, excess noise can cause high levels of stress and misery.

The CGCA’s approach is to try to prevent problems from arising, for example, getting delivery hours written into planning permissions and operational hours into licenses. Agreements can be reached with those carrying out major developments to regulate the duration of excessively noisy demolition or construction works so that there is some respite even within the permitted hours. Do let us know if there is a persistent problem with noise which is affecting you.

If you are in Camden, to report a noise problem via the council’s online form, click here.  Or call the council switchboard on 020 7974 444, then either press 5 and say “consumer protection” (saying anything else often sends you into a loop) or say “operator” and ask to make a noise complaint – both routes will eventually get through to the relevant staff.  The noise team is available Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm, and Friday and Saturday nights 10pm – 4am.  Outside those times it is still important to log noise problems, and they will be dealt with as soon as the team returns.

If you are in in Westminsterto report a noise problem via your online account, click here.  Or call the council noise team on 020 7641 2000.  The noise team is available 24/7.

You need to call the council responsible for you where you live or where your business is, not the council responsible for the premises where the noise is coming from.  We are making ongoing efforts to change this system, but it currently remains so.  However, if you are getting nowhere, then please contact us by phone or via, as both councils will take complaints submitted by CGCA, wherever they are coming from.

For information on issues related to noisy roadworks, click here.


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